More FAQs

MyGrants is designed for researchers. We have provided a view so department administrators can see their investigators' dashboards.

MyGrants went live with a phased rollout. P&S and CUIMC rollout were completed by Winter 2018. Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials were added in June 2018. The Morningside rollout was completed in September 2018.

MyGrants is licensed per-user. If you are a new PI, you will need to request to be provisioned. Please contact [email protected].

If you are an Administrator in your department, you will need to have ARC access as well as Payroll (PAD) access in order to see the dashboards of your PI.

To access MyGrants, you should go to, select the Login button. Enter your UNI and select the MyGrants for PI or MyGrants for DA, as appropriate.


Your log in ID will be [email protected].  Please note the 'adcu'. ADCU stands for the Active Directory domain that is providing the authentication. Your password will be your UNI password.  

Your UNI is maintained centrally by CUIT. Your UNI gives you access to your benefits, ARC, Rascal, and other centrally managed services. This is different than the CUMC Domain Exchange service.

The first time you access MyGrants, you will have to reset your UNI password. Go to to change your password. This will sync your password with the ADCU domain. You will only have to do this once.

There can be a few reasons you might not see awards. 

  • You may not have awards in scope (active or 60 days after closeout).
  • You may have awards in exception.
  • You may not have appropriate ARC access
  • You may not be PI or Scope-I on any awards.

You can contact the help desk for further investigation at [email protected] or (212) 854-1919.

MyGrants was designed to also provide DAs with access to see the MyGrants dashboards of all researchers in their department.

For DAs to access the dashboard, they need to also have the appropriate PAD (Payroll) and ARC access.  

To gain PAD access, the FIA form needs to be filled out with, minimally, the ARC Online Reporting - Department Access or else they won’t see any data even if they are given access to the dashboard.

Access to data is inherited from PAD/ARC authorization (see previous FAQ). You and your DA need to have the appropriate access. If you have an award that is owned by a department that your DA does not have access to, he/she will not see that award.

If you feel that there is information missing, please contact [email protected].

MyGrants is built on the Microsoft PowerBI platform, which is integrated with the University's new Active Directory (ADCU) authentication. In order to sync your UNI password with ADCU, it is necessary to do a password change. If you have changed your password recently, it is possible that this 'sync' has already occurred.  

PowerBI is a cloud-based product from Microsoft. To see if there are any PowerBI issues/outages, you can look at PowerBI Support.