MyGrants - Your PI Financial Dashboard

About MyGrants

MyGrants collates and displays financial and award information for the purpose of managing research grants, awards, and enabling financial projections throughout the award lifecycle.

MyGrants was developed under the direction of a P&S focus group, CUIMC, CUIT, SPA, and Finance, with additional faculty input on content and ease of use.

Who can use MyGrants?

MyGrants is designed for researchers. We have provided a view so department administrators can see their investigators' dashboards.

MyGrants went live with a phased rollout. P&S and CUIMC rollout were completed by Winter 2018. Industry Sponsored Clinical Trials were added in June 2018. The Morningside rollout was completed in September 2018.

Can I do my attestation through MyGrants?

No. You will continue to do your attestation as before. We provide a link from MyGrants to WebViewer for your attestation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does MyGrants data come from?

MyGrants combines data from ARC, the Grants Management System (InfoEd), Rascal, the Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS), and P@C.  Data is loaded nightly, so your data is current, as of the previous day. 

What is MyGrants showing me?

MyGrants provides you information on awards where you are the PI or a Scope-I. It will show you details such as total award, amount remaining, expenditures to-date, expenditure details, and provides you tools to do projections. If you are a Co-I, you will not see the award.  

I don't see one of my awards. Why?

As data is loaded nightly, it is run through a validation process.  If there is an anomaly in any data, it is marked as an exception and pulled from the data files.  SPA reviews all exceptions regularly and will work to correct issues. Please contact [email protected] if you have questions.